Cryptocurrencies are the topic of the moment. These are a means of exchange that emerges as an alternative to traditional fiat currencies. The maximum exponent of these is Bitcoin; however, there are other cryptocurrencies that are experiencing great growth in the market and have become one of the best investments you can make in the long term. 


In 2009, having invested $500 in Bitcoin, today it would represent having millions of dollars, since the price of Bitcoin was worth cents of the dollar. The landscape of cryptocurrencies is very diverse, since there are also other options that are still taking off just like Bitcoin did in its time. Having few barriers to enter this world, anyone who wishes and has the possibility can create, through Blockchain, its own cryptocurrency. 


There are currently more than 8,400 cryptocurrencies. Each one has its own methodology and its own philosophy. Most use Blockchain technology to function. The creation of new cryptocurrencies has pushed the market to adapt to create platforms that send, receive and buy different virtual currencies.


The boom they have had in 2020 and 2021 seems to be definitive for this industry, so it is believed that there will be no more. another great setback like the one suffered by Bitcoin in 2018. This has led people to trust cryptocurrencies as an investment asset. We tell you which are the most important cryptocurrencies in the world today:


  1. Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency (means of electronic exchange) that is used to acquire goods and services like any other currency in circulation. The difference is that Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that does not depend on any authority or regulatory body to issue it or record its movements. It was created in 2009 by an unknown person who used the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. It is the first electronic currency that achieved position yourself with solvency.


  1. Ether.

This cryptocurrency has grown rapidly to position itself as the second most popular on the market. The platform is called Ethereum and its cryptocurrency is called Ether. This was first described in a whitepaper in 2013; however, its official launch took place in 2015. The objective of this cryptocurrency is to become a platform that changes the way of understanding the internet and to be the cradle for decentralized applications. Its main feature is the concept of using blockchain to execute smart contracts between two parties over the internet. 


  1. Litecoin.

This cryptocurrency and open source project is Bitcoin-inspired. In fact, he was born with the aim of being an alternative to the most popular cryptocurrency, and its use was intended for low-value transactions. This was created by a former Google employee named Charlie Lee in 2011. It differs from Bitcoin mainly in that the amount of Litecoin in circulation is 60 million units, so many experts believe that trading with this cryptocurrency will be more difficult. Easier than with BTC. 


  1. NEO.

By many it is considered the “ETH” from China. born in a complicated context, since its mission was for people to understand cryptocurrencies in their country and lose their fear of trading with them. Neo allows the development of decentralized apps, the execution of smart contracts and is not divisible like Ether. Its creator, Da Hongfei, has the objective that NEO supports the market Chinese to create a smarter economy. 


Analysts from the world of cryptocurrencies position it as the successor to Bitcoin. This coin was powered by developers with Bitcoin experience with the aim of expanding the cryptocurrency portfolio and improving its performance. Your blockchain platform is ready. configured to facilitate any transaction and improve its efficiency. By many, it is also considered as a cryptocurrency allied with the traditional establishment, since it has had an affinity with several banks since its launch.