Bitcoin (BTC), Despite existing for more than a decade, it has been a trend since the end of last year for having managed to exceed its maximum historic by going from $20,000 to $40,000 in a short time. As a result of this rise, many people have asked themselves: Is it worth investing in Bitcoin? How do I do it?

Regarded by Bank of America As the best investment of the decade, Bitcoin has been able to generate immense returns for its investors. 

Here We will explain how to invest in Bitcoin, what are the best ways and what are the best ways to invest. you can wait if you're starting to get familiar with cryptocurrencies. 


  1. What? is it Bitcoin?
    Bitcoin is a virtual currency (means of electronic exchange) that is used to acquire goods and services like any other currency in circulation. The difference is that Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that does not depend on any authority or regulatory body to issue it or record its movements. It was created in 2009 by an unknown person who used the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.  

  1. How does it work?
    It works through Blockchain technology. This is a public record of transactions collected and maintained on a decentralized network. This is not a company or an app, but rather it is a way of collecting data and can be used for app development, social networks, online stores, etc; however, who introduced Blockchain to the world was Bitcoin. Being a decentralized technology, this technology stores information securely, eliminating any false registration and the possibility of adding, removing or altering information without other users noticing. 

The steps of the Blockchain are the following:

  • Collects information about transactions
  • Organize the information in the form of blocks
  • Create a chain of blocks using cryptography


  1. What? What advantage do I get by investing in Bitcoin?In 2009, having invested $500 today would represent having millions of dollars, since the price of Bitcoin was worth pennies on the dollar. There are several advantages of investing in the leading cryptocurrency, among them we will tell you three important ones:
  • Decentralized global currency

They do not have any regulation as they are currencies independent of banks, governments, companies, etc. These can be used anywhere in the world with a global value, as it is a currency controlled by all its users and not by any owner of the currency as such. 

  • They are an immediate value

E-commerce is full of advantages. One of them is the immediacy with which the transfer of crypto assets can be carried out. This speeds up any economic transaction much more when it comes to mobilizing your money to buy goods or services. This allows international purchases in a very short time, avoiding delays between banks and countries. 

  • It is a transparent currency

All the information that is stored in the Blockchain is public, and any transaction that is made with Bitcoin is registered in it. This information is stored in various computers on the network, making transactions safe and visible to all users, making transfers transparent. 

  1. How do I invest in Bitcoin?
    You can contact one of our advisors through WhatsApp 49212261 so that we can advise you and answer any questions that may arise in the process or through our website when creating your user.