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BITPOS by Coincaex

It is the latest generation payment tool that allows you to make payments in bitcoin and receive the payment directly to your bank account.

  • Bitcoin payments gateway processor.
  • Allows businesses to accept bitcoin and receive the money in local currency.
  • API integrations.
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BitPOS allows merchants of any physical or online business to accept bitcoin cryptocurrency payments and receive them in their local currency.


Use Bitpos to make bitcoin charges and receive payments directly to your bank account.


Bitcoin payments made through Bitpos are secure.


Access a new market segment.
Differentiation and updating in electronic payments. Presence in our social networks and other media.

Software Integration

With BitPOS you can make a software integration that allows you to make online bitcoin payments in Guatemala.

Payment gateway


Make payments in the network you prefer, you can select bitcoin or lightning.

Receive in local currency

The customer is debited the amount to be paid with BitPOS and we credit the business bank with the amount charged in your local currency.


Thanks to the benefits offered by BITPOS, a large number of entities have been interested in acquiring their POS

These are some of the integrations we have made.